Executive Coaching Programs
We work with Leaders and Organisations in Positive Behaviour Change,
Authentic Leadership and Effective Communication.

Communication Coaching

Good communication is the basis for all human interaction, and is therefore essential to the smooth running of any business. Clear, precise communication can reduce wasted effort and resources, and avoid frustrating delays. Optimise communication for convincing conversations.
During six coaching sessions we will raise your self-awareness, which helps you to build on your communication strengths, and understand where your blind spots are. By developing the ability to adapt communication style to the audience, you can get your message across to all types of people.
Effective communication delivers:
Increased performance, better results
More effective use of time and resources
Maximised opportunities
Clearer decisions
Improved morale
In the Coaching package we will use:
  • MBTI I
In this package we have included 6 sessions of face to face coaching.
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Coaching Program Cost

excluding VAT

6 Coching Sessions + Persoanlity Profiling Assessments

Executive Coaching Programs
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