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Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict occurs wherever people’s concerns appear to be incompatible – making it a common and inevitable part of working life. But contrary to popular opinion, conflict is not always a bad thing: without conflict, an organisation stagnates and becomes ineffective. Transform negative conflict into positive opportunities.
During 8 executive face to face Coaching sessions we will help you to understand your own personality and that of the people you work with. This will provide great insight into how conflict situations arise and how they can be dealt with constructively. Our range of industry-leading personality assessments enables people to quickly recognise their default conflict-handling style and learn how to adapt to different types of conflict.
In the Coaching package we will use:
  • MBTI I
  • Frio-b
  • TKI
In this package we have included 8 sessions of face to face coaching.
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Coaching Program Cost

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8 Coching Sessions + Persoanlity Profiling Assessments

Executive Coaching Programs
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