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We work with Leaders and Organisations in Positive Behaviour Change,
Authentic Leadership and Effective Communication.

Leadership Development Coaching

According to CIPD research, 98% of managers believe that well designed leadership development activities have a positive impact on the bottom line, while 91% believe there is a direct link between organisational performance and investment in this area.
Before a leader attempts to change or develop anything, they should gain a better understanding of who they are and their unique style.
With effective leadership, most people are prepared to give their best to an organisation, and business runs smoothly and energetically. However, trying to develop a specific set of leadership skills and qualities to achieve this is not always the best way to reach optimal performance.
Our Executive Leadership Coaching model is based around the belief that there is more than one way of being a great leader: and self-awareness is the starting point.
In the Coaching package we will use:
  • MBTI I
  • Frio-b
  • TKI
  • 16 PF
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ - OPQ32) Leadership Report
  • Motivation Questionnaire (MQ.M5) Employee Motivation Report
In this package we have included 24 sessions of face to face coaching.
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Coaching Program Cost

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24 Coching Sessions + Persoanlity Profiling Assessments

Executive Coaching Programs
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