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Conflict Management

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"Peace is not absence of  conflict but the ability to cope with it."



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Course duration:
two days

The TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument) is fast and accessible, delivering insight, empowerment and resolution to anyone involved in conflict. By identifying alternative conflict styles, it helps people reframe and defuse conflict, creating more productive results.
In this work shop we will show you how to use this conflict-resolution model to deal positively with conflict. Equipped with these practical skills, you will be able to facilitate others to apply different conflict-handling styles according to the situation. By showing people alternative ways to resolve conflict, rather than always reverting to their default conflict-resolution strategy, you will empower them to seek positive outcomes from conflict situations, boosting productivity and reducing the need for mediation. We use TKI for udenrstsanding your preference for dealing with conflict.
The TKI measures preferences for five different styles of handling conflict, called conflict modes, which are described along two dimensions: assertiveness, or the extent to which a person tries to satisfy their own concerns; and cooperativeness, or the extent to which they try to satisfy the concerns of another person.


On site group session for up to 8 people

excluding VAT

Course duration:
two days

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This workshop requires everyone to have previously completed TKI Online Self Assessment. This will be provided as part of the this training.

This training includes Assessment and learning materials for value of £40 per delegate:
  • TKI Profile and Interpretive Report sample
  • TKI workbook


What you will learn

This course is made up of three parts
  1. Basic Conflict Management - basic information about the TKI
  2. Advanced Conflict Management  - how to interpret TKI results
  3. Group Conflict Management - how to interpret the more intricate "Group TKI Profiles."

Attending this course will earn you 15 CPD.

Learning approach

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We use a mix of approaches to give you the skills and knowledge:
  • Class based Training
  • Use of Power Point
  • Use of video clips and music
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Group discussions
Workshop participants receive their individual TKI feedback report. The TKI questionnaire identifies five distinct conflict styles and provides people with conflict-management solutions. By helping individuals understand their default approach in conflict, it encourages the exploration of alternative ways to handle different situations.
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Course benefits

  • Immediately acquire the skills to assess and respond to conflict in the workplace, with individuals and teams
  • Increase awareness of your own and others' natural styles of conflict management
  • Get five practical, situation-specific approaches for effective conflict-resolution using the five TKI conflict-handling styles
  • Learn how to use conflict as a positive driver of innovation, rather than a destructive experience best avoided
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This course is for

  • HR managers
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders