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Embracing Change

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"When people differ, a knowledge of type lessens friction and eases strain. In addition it reveals the value of differences. No one has to be good at everything."
Isabel Briggs Myers



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Course duration:
two hours

Powered by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Embracing change explains the impact of our personality on how we experience change. The workshop explores the psychology of change, provides understanding of the natural processes that people go through when faced with change, and equips them with knowledge of how to cope with change more comfortably. 
Workshop participants will use a Workbook, steering them through the workshop activities and providing valuable insight into type and change. In addition, through interactive exercises and capturing learning points and action plans in the Workbook, Embracing change rapidly equips people with a framework and tools for handling organisational change positively. 
This workshop can be run with groups of individuals or with teams..


Attending open

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Course duration:
half day


On site group session for up to 8 people

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Course duration:
half day

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This workshop requires everyone to have previously received MBTI feedback , either in a group setting or individually.

This training includes Assessment and learning materials for value of £60 per delegate:
  • MBTI® Embracing Change Workbook


What you will learn

  • Review of the MBTI framework and how it predicts reaction to change 
  • The psychology of change 
  • Interactive exercises to explore different responses to change 
  • Exploration of individual reaction to change – developing an action plan to put learning into practice

Attending this course will earn you 3 CPD.

Learning approach

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We use a mix of approaches to give you the skills and knowledge:
  • Class based Training
  • Use of Power Point
  • Use of video clips and music
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Group discussions
Each participant on Embracing change will receive: An interactive Workbook for use during the workshop and beyond, including aids to help you manage your response to change.
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Course benefits

  • Develops understanding of the psychology of change
  • Raises awareness of the impact of type on your reaction to change and how others respond to change 
  • Provides tips to help you manage your response to change
The workshop can be run with groups of individuals or with teams, and requires everyone to have attended our 180-minute module, MBTI I feedback.
All of our courses are available in a range of locations, including in-company.

This course is for

  • Anyone interested in understanding their own and others’ reactions to change 
  • Anyone keen to develop skills in handling change